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#Inktober week 1: Noximillien Coxen by lizzytheviking
#Inktober week 1: Noximillien Coxen

i just heard about inktober a few days ago, oh god im so late. i really wanna do one but in the last days of October i’m just soooo busy, fuuuu college stuffs. guess i just be able to make 1 or 2 for this year inktober. 

first one is nox, a villain from the french anime called wakfu. i though this will be a disaster since i never really used to drawing using pen. but oh god…. i’m just so really really proud of this :’D.
i only used pencil (for sketch), eraser, and normal pen (since i don’t have drawing pen so yeah…. normal pen works for me XD)

art (c) :iconlizzytheviking:
Coxen (c) ankama
Opening words:
Okay so…... Hello everyone, how’s is everything going? I hope everything went well.
And I’m here to give you a sneak peek of my upcoming fanfiction project called, Lynar. I will soon make a cover for it, “SOON”.
In this I’m going to write down the explanation about the world and everything in it. To give you an image of what the world in my fanfiction Lynar will be like. Once again this is not the fanfiction, only some explanations.
NOTE: when you’re reading this, there will be a couple of notes that tells you that there’s an image for detailed explanation. For now I still haven’t made anything. So just read first then later I will edit the link in my DA description then you guys finally can see it.

Btw, sorry for writing this down in my character POV (but it seems like she still out from the story), which will be the main character of the story.
I’m planning to create characters for the main character’s friends, and many other characters in the future. For now I’m still thinking about what the first fanfiction story line will be like, I already came up with some stuffs, but I think it needs some fix. Well I will think of some other stuff later on. Walking around or went somewhere really help me to came up with new ideas.

And if you have questions about this or some suggestion to fix what is ambiguous, or just some new ideas about what I should add, don’t hesitate to tell me (really I need some input about this haha). Do remember that if you want to give me some new inputs, explain it to me through NOTES, later then I will reply and make a decision on to put it in the story or not, maybe debate about it to create new ideas. I’m still fixing and adding some new stuff to this before starting to write the first fanfiction.

                                                  LYNAR Description
    My name is Lizzy, Lizzy Noelle Streamred. Im a 18yo girl living in the world where human and dragon are living among each other, in harmony and peace. If you’re asking, do I have a dragon? Oh I do….. It’s a she and I named her by the name Airana Stormrider. And about how we met, it’s a long story…. Long story short, I’ll tell you later. But first let me introduce you to the world I live in, and everything in it.
    In my world there are 2 kind of energy that people called by the name Lynar and Xynar, they said that without this energy, the whole universe cannot be created. Lynar is the purest energy that is almost anywhere, in the grass, among the trees, giving life to creatures. But Xynar, it’s the energy of destruction and pain, the energy of demon and death. Lynar cannot appear without Xynar, and same thing goes for Xynar to, no one can appear without each other. Legend says that this Lynar and Xynar energy is shaped like a dragon, a sky white dragon and a dark black dragon. Lynar fought down Xynar and Lynar win, if Lynar can, Lynar will kill Xynar, but its just can’t happen, so Lynar locked down Xynar in a place that no one, or dragons will ever find it. Xynar just sit there, waiting for the time when human start to kill each other and pray to him so that he can absorb the power and became stronger and finally break free, then apocalypse happens. I guess that just a made up story for little kids to learn not to be bad. No one really saw what this energy looks like. But one thing for sure, this energy gives balance to the world, there’s no bad without good and there’s no good without bad.
    Beside that energy, let me tell you about my world, the setting of my world is like in kingdom like era, we’re still far from modern era. My world contains of 4 continents, one of them is a huge continent in the middle of the map, the rest, well not quiet huge. These continents soon form into nations.
NOTE: check DA description for the image of the map.

1. The wave nation, most part of this nation continent is beach like places. If you think that all of the ground here are sands, of course not. There’s also forest and mountains, volcanoes, etc. in this nation there’s also a place which all of it are snows and ice, it’s just…. Beautiful. Most cities here is build along the shores, people here are great on fishing and raising livestock.
The capital city of this nation is called “Divina”
2. The eruption nation, now… about this nation continent, it has the most amount of volcanoes than any other nations. Most cities here are build near volcanoes, you might think its dangerous, but I think people who live here are already get used to it. Don’t think that this nation are all grim and dark, it’s actually beautiful, really. There still wide field of grass, blue sky, but the temperature here are quiet warm, not hot, but warm. People here are great on designing things and making weapons. They’re expert on smiting.
The capital city of this nation is called ”Arkva”
3. The botanist nation, oh this nation…… so beautiful. I love the scent of flowers here, and the fields. This nation contains the most variety plants ever!! People who live here are expert on making herbals and medicine, most doctors are from this nation. But that’s not all, people here are great on farming, the climate here are just perfect for planting stuffs.
The capital city of this nation is called “Vinera”
4. The Neutral nation, this nation is like those 3 above combine (Well…. not really). This nation has the widest and larger continent area than any other continent nations, there’s volcanoes, tundra, fields, etc.
The capital city of this nation is the hugest city in all over the world, the main government system for all the nations is located here. Some people from all over the nations come to live here because this city is like the center of everything, center of marketing, center of the national defender army, and some other stuffs.
The capital city of this nation is called “Cions” is short for “City of Nations”

    Because I’m talking about government system, I should just explain more detail right here. Every nation here has its own leader/president and government system, the leader is chose by election. Everyone can nominate as candidates, to nominate they have to do several test and trips to show if they smart enough and worthy enough to be the leader of a nation. Every nation has its own traditions on choosing candidates, and its open to public so we can see how’s the progress going, sometimes it’s just fun to watch, many-many people and their dragon fail. Those who survive is usually 4 to 5 person, after that it’s time for the election. Those who get chosen will be the leader/president. Then next he/she will form a government system and will do another election to choose the ministers, and of course there’s also test for the candidates to. There are about 10 to 50 ministers, every minister have its own specialty and task, I can’t really tell it one by one, it’s just a lot of them haha
    That’s about a nation government system. But the main of all the government system, the world government system is depending on “The Council of Nations”, that’s make it the highest of all. This council is consisting of 4 wise people from every nation and 4 of them have to move to Cions, because Cions is the center of all, but don’t think Cions doesn’t have a ruler/president, they have.
And about the council, if one of them pass away, there will be election to for it and so on, and if anyone want to be a candidate for it, they must be a person from where did the last council that pass away come from. But for now all 4 of them are still alive and well, still working and debating on what system will be release to make all things better and watching on how the other nation’s leader going. The council of 4 also releases rules, which will be debate with every nation ruler/presidents, are they going to put it up or not. And I also forget to tell you that every city have its own leader, a mayor.
NOTE: there’s a diagram for this, check my DA description for image.

    Next I’m going to talk about the humans and dragons. In this world, when a human was born, somewhere out there a egg will appear out of nowhere in random places, far away from the city, mostly appear in the wild. And……. in a few days the eggs will hatched into a small dragon hatchling which have the same trait as the human. The dragon color, race, and shape also depend on the human trait to. They’re both bond together, even if they never met each other nor born in the same place. In the wild, most of the hatchling survive and grow up into a strong dragon.... but sadly not all the hatchling is lucky. Some of them get themselves into troubles and get killed by wild animals around. Or they catch a horrible disease which is not curable, or they can’t get used to the place where they appear so alas they can’t survive and finally dead.
    When a human reach the age 10. Their ability to sense their dragon aura starts to appear. They can finally sense where their dragon is and can finally search for them in a quest that people here usually called "dragon bonding". But for them who can’t sense their dragon aura….. Their dragon…. Might be already…. dead. It’s just sad... I can feel how a young person happily waits for his/her 10th birthday so they can finally find out about their dragon partner, but they can’t feel anything. Most of them didn’t accept what happen and cried for days wondering what is happen to their dragon, where the others accept what it is and just live their life.
    Talking about the “Dragon Bonding” quest, I remember mine, long story short… I’ll tell you anyway ^^. So… when I was 10 and about to go to “dragon bonding” quest, my parents don’t let me. They said that, you can finally go on that quest when you’re 15. So I did, I wait for 5 years more while training myself up, to defend myself of course, I chose to train archery, without too much bragging about anything, I pretty much calm and just wait patiently, maybe my parents sense a long road ahead which not going to be as easy like other people, probably a 10yo kid could not pass such road. When it’s time i go, I was so SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Accompanied by my best friend, a boy named Jack, he already got his dragon since 10yo and he names it Chris Fireblast. And what do you know…. my parent was right, my dragon sense leads us to part of the ice lands in wave nations, the most dangerous part of wave nation (people said). We both flying on the back of Chris the dragon, but because of snow storm ahead, we have no choice but to continue the quest by walking through the storm. Jack starting to question my dragon sense, but I’m just sure my dragon is ahead behind that storms. So we both just walk and keep walking and finally reach a cave, we sit there and took a rest for a bit. But then, my sense are tingling again, its said to go deeper inside the cave, so I did. With my eyes full of shock, inside the cave there’s a huge hill of snows, jack and Chris just sit down, watching every of my move keep asking why your sense lead us here. I have no idea, why it leads me here, to a place where no dragon or anything related to it whatsoever. But then that hill shaking and pop out a head of a dragon, blue wide eyes staring at me who laying on the ground. Jack and Chris still on the back, getting ready to attack if anything happen. But I just still there, staring at the dragon blue eyes, staring deeply at it. Then the dragon speaks, through my head using telepathy. I was so shocked. The dragon asking for a spar, “If you can touch my head, you’re my rider”. So…. I tell jack and Chris to not disturb the spar. We fight and fight for hours, I jump here and there trying to touch the dragon head but misses, the dragon keep breathing cold ice breath on me, making me unable to move freely sometimes. Then I did it… I touch her head and the dragon finally accepts me as its rider, finally after that…. I named her then go home after that.
Not all human have to spar with their dragon when in “dragon bonding” quest, every human have different story on how they met their dragon, and some of them no need to spar, only by touching their dragon. So that’s what makes it a mystery. It’s just fun to hear people stories after coming back home from “dragon bonding” quest.
    About the bond between a human and their dragon. A human with its dragon partner can talk through telepathy. For example, “human A” can telepathy with “Dragon A” but can’t do telepathy with “Dragon B”. But between dragon and dragon, they can talk using dragon langue.
Other than langue, they can share power to if their skin touched or if the human ride their dragon, like for example, a human with its dragon partner that has earth element power, if the human touch his/her dragon skin, the human posses a power to control earth, but that power will vanish if the human no longer touch their dragon.
    Power comes with great responsibility. By this, kids that just got their dragon have to go to school to learn how to master it. Kids that can learn how to master it faster and perfectly can graduate faster than the rest of the students. To graduate we must prove what we learn and do a couple of test to show how worthy we are, and if we succeed we pass and get a certificate for it that we can use to find a job or stuffs. For those who fail, they must take the school again until they can do the test and pass or just give up, but they don’t have any certificate. For the final test, the school will arrange a schedule for it, 2 times every 3 years.
In school we not just learn how to master our power, in school we learn how to defend our self, how to make a living, and we also learn about the pass to. And there’s also a lot of extracurricular activity here. The school sometimes held a talent contest to, really fun to watch.
As for myself I’m still attending school, I’m 18yo btw. And next years the school will attend another final test. I’m soooo can’t wait.
    As for human who doesn’t have dragon partner, or people in my world called them by the name “Dratral”, its short for “dragon neutral”. They go to school to, but on the Dratral part, they learn stuffs different then us dragon riders. Even that we get separated room in school, we can still talk during recess or lunch break, I even befriended one ^^. We sometimes exchange what we learn, but I’m sure what I thought my friend, will not be so useful. The same goes for me learning about dratral material, but still it’s just so interesting to hear.
    Dratral person lived their life as normal person, who goes here and there using simple transportation they create themselves. Most of them lived in Neutral nation, but you can also find them in all other nations to. And don’t underestimate them, Dratral person are capable of so many things, since they doesn’t have a dragon to help their daily life, they invent stuffs to help ease up things. Some of them even become a master on some stuffs such as smiting, cooking, etc. Their power can sometimes surpass us dragon rider. But they can’t always do things by themselves, sometimes they seek help to some dragon riders who work as giving transportations, or work for construction purpose, etc. we all live in peace like that ^^ no differences between us all, not at all. We respect those who doesn’t have dragons, and those who doesn’t have dragon respect us to. We actually need each other to sometimes.

Now let’s talk about dragon classes, in my world dragon are classified by their body build. Fast, slow, wingless or with wings, etc. there are 4 classes of dragon.
Note: for sizes, there’s a image that explain it. Check my DA description)

1. Land class, most of the dragon from this class is wingless dragon (but can also have wing, but pretty small, can fly but not too fast, pretty much slow.) that has short and strong legs, but there also a long legged one to. You could say that this kind of dragon is the king of lands. They can run up to 300km/h or even 500 km/h. depend on the build of the dragon itself (I mean fat or skinny, buff or not). There also land class dragon that pretty lazy that can only run 30km/h up to 60 km/h. the egg mostly appear in eruption nation or botanist nation.

2. Swimmer class, this class of dragon have soft skin like shark skin but can also be scaly, mostly wingless or just have a wing that look pretty much like fin, can fly but not too fast since they prefer to stay on water, they’re fast swimmer, king of sea. Sadly they can’t stay on the ground to much since their skin will get dry and this might lead to sickness. But some of them also gifted by a strong skin to be able to survive in land for hours, or even days. This is a rare sight from swimmer class dragons. The egg mostly appear in wave nations

3. Flier class, this class is gifted by the ability to cut the sky in a amazing speed of light. Strong wide wings but kind of having weak legs but have a strong claw (but there’s also a strong legged one that can run fast, but not as fast as normal land dragon). They prefer to spend half of their life in the sky, rarely on the ground. They only landed down for rest and take a little relaxing stroll. The egg mostly appears in botanist nation, eruption nation, or wave nation.

4. Gigantic class, these dragon size are just way out of what were imagine. People said long ago a human are capable on creating dragons like that when they’re born. I just still cannot believe it, until now. How can…. A dragon so huge can exist??!!! What kind of human has a trait so powerful that can create such dragon? But I’m gladly these days there’s no longer dragons like that. Or is it?? They said its already extinct long times ago. Most people think that this is only legend, a makeup story to scared little kids

As for dragon races, they’re classified by their element, they’re Air, Water, Ice, fire, earth, thunder, and lastly the strongest of all element in this world, the Cosmic Element (it’s the combine off all element available) dragon with this element is so strong it could bring destructions everywhere. But gladly these days there’s no longer a dragon who has this element
but do note that not all elements are available for all classes. Here are the lists
1. Land class can only have earth, ice, air, and fire. Main Element: Earth
2. Swimmer class can only have water and ice. Main Element: Water
3. Flier class can only have fire, thunder, air and ice. Main Element: Air/Fire
4. For gigantic class they have the entire element. Main Element: Cosmic

If you’re asking what my dragon is… my dragon is a flier class with the element of ice and thunder. Now you have more questions hmm? How can a dragon have 2 elements?
In this world a dragon can only have up to 2 elements, this is also depend on how the human trait to. The dragons that can have 2 elements, the first and the second element will not appear at the same time, the second element start to show as you bond really close with your dragon, but sadly not all dragons can have 2 elements. Example, when you find your dragon it has earth element, but then as you bond with it for quite a while, the next element will starting to show. But for race, the first element that appears will be your dragon race. Like me… my dragon race is ice dragon.

    Okay guess that’s all I can explain for now, I’ll go write some stuff again when I remember something. *gets on top of Airana and sits down on the saddle* now it’s my time to say goodbye for now and see you later, don’t worry I’m still here tough, I will be back to you guys again. And oh…. Airana want to say that, hope you enjoy our upcoming adventure. Bye bye for now haha *lift off to the sky and fly away somewhere in Cions*
Fanfiction Project Description: LYNAR
list of images:
:bulletblue: MapImage: "COMING SOON"
:bulletblue: Government Diagram: "COMING SOON"
:bulletblue: Dragon Size Chart: "COMING SOON"

i do hopeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i don't lose interest in continuing, its actually a pretty good story in my head.
i will also make comics out of this when i finally get used to on making comic stuffs

LYNAR (c) :iconlizzytheviking:
AT: johnny the camaro by lizzytheviking
AT: johnny the camaro
so camaro1 and i were having an art trade (or stuffs like that XD)
for my part of the AT, she's asking for a art of one of her OC johnny the camaro drifting…
wohhhhh its been a while since i last draw cars haha

and this is camaro1 part of the AT…
i ask for a art of myself (more like my dragonsona char haha)

and those cars in the BG, are my OCs ^^ except for the grey one, its camaro1 main cars OC which is called Avie the avensis :) and the white one beside her.. is my main cars OC to called Mia the Avanza :)
i make all those BG to look kind of blurry because the camera was focused on Johnny (which is kind of fail, i know)

and for the very first time, now i know how to make drift wheel smokes effect, should practice more with it, then after that.. i should be able to make nice clouds to

PS: sorry if this looks bad ^^ i've tried my best thought, should practice more stuffs in the future, and i also make a simpler BG version of this, just some simple stuffs, see it here

johnny and avie (c) :iconcamaro1:
ned, mia, lucy, and rev (c) :iconlizzytheviking:
Indonisty (indonesia independence day 17-08-2014) by lizzytheviking
Indonisty (indonesia independence day 17-08-2014)
so today is............. my nation 69th BIRTHDAY!!!!!! or should i say my nation independence day :DDDD

since i'm having lack of ideas for what i should made for my independence day, i drew anthro indonisty (indonisty is Indonesia Bronies mascot pony). even if its not related with independence day, its still nisty so yeah haha.

the sketch for this art is here…

indonisty (c) :iconlizzytheviking:
hey everyone.... its been a while i never actually write any journal again, hope everyone is having a good day :)

    so.... in this journal im going to talk about my tumblr account, first of all from now on i only use my deviant art to post my digital arts, animation, or maybe fanfiction. 
    i use my tumblr to post my WIP arts and sketches, like.... if i made a digital art i need sketch for it, i usually post my sketches there first before vector it and upload it on DeviantArt. but these days i mostly do sketches so i might not be so active here on deviantart, and that doesn't mean i'll delete/deactivate my deviantart, i'll be checking on my message from time to time to see if there's any new commissions.
    anyway about my tumblr, sometimes i reblog stuffs so my sketches kind of buried with all the reblog posts XD, burried deeply under all of those lokis and lamborghinis post i reblog (oh lol), so if you want to see my sketches arts easily, every sketches i made is tagged by "#lizzytheviking", i made a button on my tumblr for it :)
but if you're still lazy, you could just click this link here…
    you can also ask me there, just click the button that write "ask me here!! :)" or you could click this link
    and one last thing... i also made a ask blog for my MLP OC name "paint beat", you can ask her there (sometimes i replied slowly to your question so be patient okay), i'll replied with sketches to because i still hasn't got that pen tablet that i always wanted. btw here is her ask blog

have a nice day everyone........... :)
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hi all........... your ice and thunder dragon is here :3, just called me air, or ana, or airana, you chose.
and hmm? what that? you're asking about my account name? it was named after my best friend [not irl friend, i mean one of my OC that paired with Airana since Lizzy is a viking(in HTTYD realm)/dragon rider (in airana realm)], her name was Lizzy Noelle Streamred IV. we're like..... a duo, she's my rider and im her dragon, which is pretty nice. and oh.... sometimes i can turn into my anthro form, but i like my normal dragon form much better.

:bulletblue: art status:
Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
If you want to commiss me, NOTE/PM me first, we'll speak about the price and art style (digital art, tradisional art, sketches), and also if i'll be accept the commission you ask or not.
For payment i use DA points for now, my normal price is 100 :points:, of course you can ask for a lower price ^^. im planing to open up my own paypal account someday. If i have paypal account, i no longer accept DA points for my commission (well maybe i still accept DA points a little, we'll talk about this to on notes)

:bulletblue: you also can find me on:
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- Facebook: (for someone that close to me)
- Email: (both of them active)

:bulletblue: my OCS list:…

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